21-Day Challenge

21 Day Challenge by Move You Better
what did you say?

2022 is only a few days?!?

We are here again. Another year and we feel like we wanted to do something better.

Imagine having just the right time for a workout, maybe a yoga practice, a meditation, or simply writing on a journal for a couple of minutes to break your usual routine.

Imagine planning ahead of your day and looking forward because you have a new goal ahead.

Introducing 21-Day Challenge by Move You Better, starts this December 1 to 21, 2021.

Why join?

Usually, it’s all fun and games. But playing and working out alone is not all that fun right?

Live Classes

You get to meet other classmates in the challenges to cheer you and motivate you to move.

Community Based

You will get to be in a Facebook group where you can share and promote your wins, big or small and just connect!

Daily Challenges

Do not forget the challenges! Every day a different challenge whether it is a workout, a yoga pose, a meditation or something to reflect on, and even more surprises!

where do i sign uP?

Before that, ask yourself

Are you willing to show up for yourself? Are you committed to make time once a day? Are you decided to sacrifice some things to improve your current way of living or just improve your overall outlook?

Complete this form and press submit!

How do I access the videos?

There will be several video platforms that will be made available. You will have the Facebook LIVE video and also Zoom.

You will receive daily email (check your spam folder!) for the access and the updates of the next challenge.

I don’t have a Facebook account, how do I join the group?

Well, friend it’s time to socialize! Open a Facebook account so I can add you in the Facebook group. And yes, there will be challenges where you will share a photo or a video or two, let’s connect!

I cannot attend the live classes, how do I keep up?

Don’t worry! I got you covered. I know you are busy, so we will be recording all classes and even the videos on Facebook will stay in the Facebook group.

I am busy, I don’t think I can do it.

The fact that you are still reading this, means you are considering it.

And so there’s no shame in starting over again. What I want you to do is to commit to yourself and try this 21-day challenge. So, are you signing up? Let’s go!

meet your coach

Hi, I am Allan.

Nope, that is not a passport photo. But it looks good yeah?

I am a fitness coach and yoga teacher. I have been coaching/teaching since 2010, started out professionally last 2015 and until now, I am taking continuing education with yoga and meditation.

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