Cacao Ceremony, A Heart Opening Ritual

It was in the Project Soulscape held in Tanay, Rizal that I first learned about this Cacao Ceremony. To me, cacao is all about happy moments because of my childhood favorite, champorado (sweet chocolate rice porridge).

Lead by Cacao Mama, Marge Monasterio and their group Hilom Artisan Collection, it was during our first night followed by the rapé and sound bath.

Grabbed from their Facebook page, Hilom Artisan Collection

I got excited and because I love cacao so I was just looking forward to the event. Unfortunately, the rapé ceremony overpowered me and purged the cacao instantly.

So, I took my own Hilom Kakau Ritual Kit and followed their instructions.

What I added as a personal touch is surround the ceremonial cup with Mozambique rose quartz, rose quartz, desert rose selenite and chalcedony.

The Hilom Kakau Ritual Kit includes the cacao tablets, the ceremonial cup, instructions, rose quartz tumbled, incense sticks and additional incense and dried herbs.

I included in my ritual the lotus and chin mudra for opening and focus. I also chanted the Gayatri Mantra. I am intrigued as to why shamans from Latin America incorporate mantras from India.

The experience is immediate: an overflowing of emotions, mostly mirth and gratitude. I stayed for another 15 minutes just to meditate.

Is it for everyone? It is. Again, you need to have a beginner’s mind with these new age rituals. It gives me peace and keeps me grounded and I am in a natural high.

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