Five Reasons Why You Should Join A Wellbeing Retreat

Every year, we choose a time away from our crazy schedule and work to recharge. Vacations might be a good choice to escape the stress from the metro temporarily, but joining a retreat may give long-term results. Retreats are getaways that give more meaning to alone time; to really recover from the physical, emotional and mental aspects of your life.

Here are five reasons why it is better to take a retreat than a vacation.

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1. Time For Yourself

Most of the times, vacations are set as a family event away from the city. It is a time for parents to catch up with their young ones, and enjoy seeing them while they are small. A retreat is personal–it gives you time for yourself because it is an intentional disconnection from everyone. This is the time when you can reflect on your plans. And even make moments more meaningful. Being away from everyone gives you a fresh perspective with the people in your life.

Vacations with friends or family may create more stress as you start to gossip, or just watch your favorite TV series after a long day, or even sneak and finish some more work. On the other hand, spending your time in a retreat promotes your overall wellbeing, promotes clarity to one’s mind, encourage creativity or may even spark a new idea.

2. Away From The Noise

Retreats are usually situated where nature thrives. It gives the full experience of roughing it or just even relaxing as you appreciate the view of leaves, trees and the skies. Joining a retreat reduces the noise in your head and clears it (the noise), as you may enjoy the sounds of the stream, maybe the winds or just the sound of the birds.

3. Provides A Pause From The Routine

While vacations maybe enjoyable, it will still be spending time with your loved ones or familiar people. Spending time in a retreat helps you press pause from your usual routine, giving you that much needed space. With the different activities during the retreat, you may regain excitement in doing things again the first time, and even exploring new things.

4. You Will Meet New People

Retreats usually have a theme and that is the reason why you joined in the first place. There is a chance that you will meet different people from other lifestyles or industries and could give you a different perspective about things. Moreover, with the same activities that you will have, you may unlearn some old things and learn new ones as you exchange ideas and thoughts. You will realize you are not alone, and there are others who might feel and think the same way.

These people could be your support group and may give you the opportunity to nurture new relationships even after a retreat.

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5. You Don’t Have to Worry About Planning

Planning a vacation can be tedious and tiresome in the end. Maybe you have set your day, only to find that a friend or a family member is not feeling well. As a result, you have to reschedule or push back everything.

Retreats remove that worry on planning your day. All you need to do is relax, show up, participate, reflect and recharge with set activities that you do not have to worry. Moreover, It can even give you more savings as retreats usually have packages that cover the whole experience.

So for the coming holidays, make sure to look for a retreat that will help you unwind, relax and recharge; somewhere that will look after your wellbeing.

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