How To Burn and Tone Your Body With Yoga Now

Traditional hatha yoga is a practice of yoga where asanas (poses) are highlighted through alignment and purposeful movement of poses. Hatha yoga is usually slow and moving through the breath (pranayama) and the sanskrit meaning of hatha is “forceful”. The Burn and Tone Yoga helps burn fats and tone muscles in this practice.

Warming up of major body parts through dynamic stretching is usually how traditional hatha yoga would start. Then, several sun salutations (surya namaskar) are done for both sides (from right to left). Different flows that focus on poses follow and no necessary flow is observed. Traditionally a class would last for 90 minutes, but usual yoga classes are 60 minutes long.

burn and tone yoga
Burn & Tone Yoga Nights start on January 18, 2022.

Last January 11, 2022, I introduced Burn & Tone Yoga classes every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9:00 AM (UTC+8) via Zoom. It is a 60-minute open level traditional hatha yoga class. An open level class means everyone from Beginner to Advanced is welcome.

Flexibility is not a necessity when it comes to yoga, something that is usually mistaken when you are joining a yoga class. The moment you have your doubts, a yoga practice will feel forced. While a hatha yoga class is mostly physical, the class is actually a low impact with low to moderate intensity. You will definitely sweat but you will develop focus, mental awareness and dedication to the practice.

burn and tone yoga
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What The Students Say About The Class

The physical demand of the class was felt by the class. And I felt it as well! I was recovering from an Omicron COVID scare (I was negative in my last antigen test) and I felt so much fatigue physically that doing the forward fold got me dizzy on the first few classes.

But the practice of hatha yoga gives tapas (discipline). It elevates your physical body to emotional, mental and spiritual. And somehow, it lessens fatigue and stress, even the pain during recovery. That is why I designed the class to be 3 consecutive days, for the body to adjust and recover gradually.

The drop in rate of Burn & Tone Yoga is P350 (US$7.00) and the 3-class pass is P900 (US$17.00). You may pay through debit/credit card, GCash, Paymaya or GrabPay. For international students, you may pay through PayPal.

A class of Burn & Tone Yoga may burn up to 400 kcal with fitness zone level remains at 1 to 2. Join us every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM via Zoom. You may visit the home page to sign up and pay.

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