3-Day Self-Care Workshop

2021 is almost done

How do you start 2022?

2021 was not without a struggle, was it? And for most of us, we are still trying to dust off the dirt from 2020. We got too busy with our work, we got too busy to bounce back that we have exhausted ourselves. Told ourselves that for us to deserve a break, we need to work hard first.

What is Refill Your Cup?

Join this 3-Day Self Care Workshop where we cover several areas of your self.


Move daily with different practices such as workout, yoga and stretching.

Emotional and Spiritual

Time to take a breath. Learn different breathing techniques and experience the therapeutic benefits of restorative yoga and mindfulness.


Learn about growth mindset. Adjusting your mind to ready yourself for the new year. Journal affirmations and mantras to encourage you.

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