Wellness That You Can Have Anywhere

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We are having a hard time stepping back and regulate ourselves lately. For the past 2 years, we have spent our days locked indoors and staring at our gadgets hoping that news will get better each day.

Being in the world’s longest lockdown, businesses are finally bouncing back with months and years of suffering and people losing their jobs. It is time that we dust off ourselves from and recover slowly.

We know that the pandemic is not going to leave us anytime soon, but we should be prepared and be smarter whenever we go out to interact with others.

This month, Move You Better is releasing the Wellness Kit that includes 30mL essential oils, a handmade soap (about 70 grams) and inhaler to keep you awake and refreshed.

Wellness Pack comes with 72g handmade soap, 30mL essential oils, inhaler

And what’s good with this MYB Wellness Pack, these are all made of 100% essential oils (menthol, camphor, eucalyptus and lavender) to soothe your worries away.

The promo starts December 9 to 12, 2021, when you availed of the MYB Wellness Pack, a pack would give you FREE restorative yoga class on December 18.

Grab yours now as there are only TEN (10) wellness packs available. Each wellness pack is P700 and can be delivered FREE within Metro Manila (rates apply for provincial deliveries).

Enjoy the gift of wellness, grab your Move You Better Wellness Pack today!

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