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These days, we have to innovate and create ways to hone our skills and passion. In my case, being a yoga teacher has been a passion since I finished my Vinyasa yoga teacher training last August 2020 with Pranalaya.

Last September 2020, I came across this new online platform based in London called Kuula. With the features they highlighted I saw the benefits for the instructor specially for starting teachers like me in the midst of COVID-19.

Fresh from the YTT (Yoga Teacher Training), I started with the doing Pranayama (mindfulness breathing) classes that are donation-based in Kuula. Eventually, I introduced Vinyasa, Restorative and Power Yoga.

Now, it is not easy to build your name in a supposedly saturated market. We already have an ocean of great yoga teachers, so how do I differentiate from the yoga community? With the support of my teachers as well as the people behind Kuula, I slowly gained trust and confidence from students.

More Private Classes

Come 2021, we are all in this new Zoom exhaustion as most of us have broken the boundaries with work and private life. Some employers and clients want us around the clock with the myriad of connectivity and we have to step one foot down to set our limits.

Introducing LIVE CLASS PACKS exclusively in my Kuula Channel. You may choose from 5 days, 10 days or even 30 days of live classes.

So what do you get from these classes? A private class meant on your own time. I have opened classes as late as 9:00 pm (GMT+8) for those who just finished their work. In addition, you may replay it with the Zoom link provided after class! You can share it with your friends or companions to practice with.

Now, I am not limiting myself to yoga classes. Soon, I may teach fitness classes too online so watch it out on Kuula!

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