Creating Your Profitable Business Online

Turning Your Passion To Your First 5-Digit Business!

You have just taken that leap. Congratulations! Now, it’s time to set the foundations of your online business.

It is time to turn those dreams into reality, and expand your passion from traditional to digital. And not only will you work for it, you are showing up for it!

Your passion, now your business.

You Can Always Start A New Chapter

Back in 2017, I took the leap of leaving the corporate ladder to build my own business. It will be hard but I took a chance, BUT with a clear plan: I will show up and commit to this business no matter what. And so, Move You Better began.

It started with myofascial release therapy, getting clients everywhere that soon, I got returning clients from Metro Manila, up to La Union and Baguio in the Philippines!

On 2019, I was aware that I have to adapt because not all the time I will have the physical will to attend to all my private clients.

So I developed my first course related to yoga, talking about what I enjoyed doing: fascia! My first client was my friend’s yoga school and I taught what I know, and applied what I learned.

Eventually, on 2020, I moved the course to digital and even had it as part of Yoga International!

And I did not stop there, I expanded my market to help and reach out to fellow yoga teachers and fitness coaches in building their business online!

You are part of my journey!

How do we answer your needs if we do not address them?

Your messages are just overwhelming and they hit the spot of what you really needed: a step-by-step guide to your online business!

Whoops! STAY…

Do not skip this, because this is my best profile before 2020, haha! But you might wonder who’s guiding you throughout your journey, let me introduce myself, “Hi, I am Allan and I will be your guide!”

I am Allan Ray Enriquez, MBA. I took my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Ateneo Graduate School of Business in 2014. I handled a fitness blog formerly Running Free Manila (2010) and collaborated with the local and international brands from Globe Telecom to Nike to work on campaigns. I also became the coach and ambassador for Mizuno in 2014-2017. In 2015, I took my first fitness certification (kettlebells) and soon got my running coach (2016) and fitness coach (2018) certification. I got my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training certification (Vinyasa) last 2020 (and another last March 2021). Currently I have two (2) podcasts dedicated to yoga, meditation and coaching for teachers and business.

Photo of Allan Ray Enriquez looking sideways and smiling.

What will you get from the course?

Of course, I have applied the real case scenario and created the right mix for your start-up toolkit.

Building the Foundations

From getting yourself ready to a growth mindset, to understanding your relationship with money.
(worth US$240)

Write To Compel

Learn basic copywriting and know how you can convince your audience and persuade them to buying your online services.
(worth US$600)

Operating Your Passion

How do you even come up with your first 5-digit figure income? It is promising, until you commit to working for it. Understand the operations and how to price your services.
(worth US$300)

Intro to Social Media

It’s just social media. Wait until you have seen the business side of it. Are you ready to make your way to content scheduling to boosting ads?
(worth US$200)

Create Your Hub

Now is the time to build a website! It is not as hard as you thought it will be, but it can be overwhelming if you do not know where to start.
(worth US$2,000)

Going LIVE!

Putting it all together like a well-oiled machine might get exhausting. Until you have the right tools to get you going throughout your year!
(worth US$1,000)

Adding them all up will cost you, US$4,340!

What if I tell you, you can learn everything and even apply it to your business for only US$500?

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

If you feel like your needs are not met and you think your time and commitment is not worth it after 30 to 60 days, then you can get your money back.

Now think of how much you will save if you get this offer

About US$4,000 worth of valuable content and professional advice with a return of your first 5-digit online business and did I mention to you the BONUSES?

Don’t Mind Me, These Are Just Extras

This is just some extras that you will get worth US$1,700.
That’s US$6,000 worth of online business course content!

Monthly Catch-Up

Get monthly catch-up with me one-on-one to guide you personally where you are on your journey.

Facebook Exclusive Group

You will meet like-minded people who are just like you starting their online business in the fitness and wellness industry so you can share best practices that will help you and even grow your network.

Brand Audit

Let’s check and make sure your brand is ready and right for your target market, so when you launch it you have the right tools.


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