Downloading From The Source: Theta Healing and NLP with Soul Creates

Theta healing was created in 1995 by Vianna Stibal with the purpose to bring the brain in a deep state (theta) and renew the link with the Creator allowing one to learn ease mental, physical and emotional shifts. NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming founded in 1970, it tries to detect and modify unconscious biases or limitations of an individual’s map of the world.

I first learned this from Lissa Romero de Guia, the creator of Soul Creates and our resident therapist in Pranalaya Yoga & Wellness in Baguio.

First Session: Let us Play

I went there not expecting anything. Lissa also manages an AirBnB place and I went there enjoying the view of the forest. When it was my turn, she told me to have an open mind as every experience is unique.

I said yes. This is I guess the turning point of my experience with Lissa.

We tapped first my subconscious. I was aware but I was surprised when my body started to move itself. This is my subconscious telling YES and NO. My body extended until Lissa had to place pillows below my head and back as I kept on extending when she asked for my subconscious to say YES. Then like the force of gravity, my body flexed that I almost bent down to the ground to say NO.

How my body reacted in the first part, the Left image when I said YES and the Right image when I said NO.

She asked to open my eyes and yes I was aware how my body moved in its own. We continued by knowing my deeper self. We talked about seeing my former self on my left hand and I immediately saw a flaming ball of red and while I can see it, I feel so heavy.

My left hand had this, flaming ball of red

Then on my right, when Lissa asked me to think of my future self and I saw a flaming ball of blue.

My right hand had this flaming ball of blue.

And then while my eyes were closed and my arms extended, she combined my hands and suddenly this,

I saw this when Lissa pulled my hands together then thrusted them to my heart.

Second Session: Acknowledge Anger

Weeks after, I asked that I follow up on my past wounds. We took another NLP therapy and from there I cried the hardest and the overwhelming feeling of anger came. You see I was diagnosed with anxiety and PTSD back in October 2019.

And this postcard I took from the Philippine Mental Health Association in Baguio (last January 2020) best described how I felt. Bottling my anger, being busy to divert and convert my frustrations to a more constructive way.

I finished not being angry, BUT acknowledging I am currently hurting and that is just fine.

Latest Session: Aiming For Clarity

Recently, I had a catch up with Lissa after almost a year last Saturday (March 20, 2021).

After a year, Lissa took another comprehensive training of Theta Healing and so she applied it in this session.

And this time, it took a lot of downloading from the source and releasing past hurts.

I saw in my vision my 13-year old self and that was 26 years ago (back in 1995). I thought I already resolved it but this childhood trauma showed up out of nowhere during the Theta healing session.

After the session, it felt lighter and I saw a pink lotus flower when I opened my eyes looking at my hands.

I saw my hands like petals of the pink lotus.

I mentioned this to Lissa after and up until now, I just learned of the meaning of this vision (enlightment, often associated to Buddhism).

Final Words

I was not taking anything nor under the influence when I was taking the therapy with Lissa. So I am not making this up, I am saying what I have experienced and what I have seen.

Would you take it? I would definitely recommend her. Her calming and soothing voice will bring you back home and of all the past wounds, I felt renewed and born again.

If you wanted to connect with Lissa, kindly follow her on Facebook, Soul Creates 108 or visit her site, Soul Creates.

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