First Ashtanga Primary Series

I am taking another 200H Yoga Teacher Training and this time it is with SSV Yoga Ashram. Their course covers Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha yoga and while I am an alumnus of Pranalaya Yoga for their Vinyasa Yoga 200H TTC, I wanted to develop my study of yoga.

Last week, we have reached the peak of our Ashtanga practice and our teacher lead us through the primary series.

Let me give you some background of myself: I am a runner since 2010, a yogi since 2014. My dedication to yoga jumpstarted when I moved to Baguio last 2018, and together with the Pranalaya teachers, I learned yoga deeper in the practice.

Undoubtedly, my hamstrings are instantly engaged and so I need more time with extensions (straightening my knees). No, it’s not arthritis; but you know what I mean.

What is surprising was how my endurance has reached its optimum (for yoga) and jumping back and through to chaturanga and dandasana was easier. My shoulders are not sore and even if I changed poses to check on my classmates and teacher, I rarely feel my wrist joint hurting.

But what surprised me the most was when our teacher mentioned we are about to end the class, and I felt a tear at the corner of my eye. I could not believe that I have practiced the First Primary Series of Ashtanga! I know, big deal!

If you haven’t read my blog posts in my running blog, you know that whenever a light bulb moment appears, I imagine myself writing about my experience and this is what I am doing here.

I am fresh from my Kundalini Yoga with Gelie (another post for sure) and still on a high with Just Breathe on the background.

To my teachers and to the teachers before us, I honor you.

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