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Make Your Way Online

Join this FREE 5-DAY WORKSHOP and learn to equip yourself with the right tools for you to launch your fitness and wellness business online.

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Enjoy interacting with other fitness and wellness teachers, coaches and instructors!

What’s in store

The class will be held via Zoom. Classes will be held for an hour at a scheduled time and will have recordings available.

Day 1: Niche

You know the how-to, but how well do you know your WHO?

Day 2: Passion or Niche

Are you committed to igniting your passion? Or is it just a hobby? Or maybe both? Why not work on something you really love?

Day 3: Create an Impact

You keep posting your classes, your services, your work but no one seems to sign up. Are your messages clear or are you just posting like in old days?

Day 4: Build Your Community

It is not enough that you keep posting and no one hears you. You would need a community that identifies with you and will also support you in your classes.

Day 5: Cultivate Your Culture

Now that you have the tools to launch your work, consistency is the key. How do you hold your community? How do you build yourself? What is your brand about?

Day 6: Putting It All Together

Inviting everyone to finish this course up to this point, hope to see you!

about me

Hi, I’m Allan!

I will be your guide in this workshop. I will show you some tools I use and the skills I learned since I started blogging in 2010, until I pursued the fitness industry professionally in 2015.

I am a yoga teacher and a fitness coach, and the founder of Move You Better.

Allan Ray Enriquez


I created Move You Better to hold brave spaces for every body, giving the treatment that every body deserve.