Make Your Way Online: Your Guide In Launching Your Biz Online

Being a yoga teacher or a fitness and wellness coach brings a whole different meaning when fitness and wellness businesses started to flourish in the virtual world.

While home fitness already started way back when (as early as 1861), fitness and wellness studios and gyms took a major pivot when COVID-19 affected the whole world. As this industry hit the most compare to the other industries, there is a considerable rise of customers leaning towards boutique or specialized gyms than the globo gyms (“value” gyms). These studios and gyms (globo gyms) have focused heavily on creating content for on-demand videos and even exclusive contents through their own apps. The billion industry plumetted to become a struggling industry.

Adapting To Change

In the 2021 Fitness Technology Summit, there is a sudden tilt of power transferred to the consumers, and technology became a sustainable solution that was once being seen as the last resort compare to investing heavily on equipment. Digital experience is now a major factor to consider when it comes to attracting new customers.

In the 2021 Fit Summit held in Singapore, initiatives in updating health protocols as studios and gyms are gradually opening for face to face sessions. Ventilation was revisited in order for air circulation is guaranteed clean and fresh throughout the day. While there is continued increase in franchise gyms, massage and spas are highlighting retreats and personal experiences with attractive bundles to bounce back as well. Other than the fitness and wellness industry, the massage and personal care industry has created several initiatives to attract more customers. What was highlighted are the technological advancements and hybrid fitness and wellness are tapped to be the next sustainable business model: creating a package that will create the customer experience not only inside the studio/gym but also continued access while being online or anywhere.

There is also an increased trend of specialized classes with a big consideration to the mental health. For the last 2 years (2020-present), there was a surge of downloads and searches for mental health apps. Because of lockdown, mindfulness and meditation became a common thing to do for people. Online counseling has also surged and different groups have offered on Facebook and other social media channels to offer a helping hand.

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The fitness industry makes way to hybrid business model with the face to face and online interaction to capture new and existing customers.

How Do You Fit In This Equation

Teachers and coaches play a major role in making this hybrid business model work. While some parts of the world is opening for face to face, a big part of the world is still trying to figure how to come back and interact personally. There has been a Zoom fatigue as most clients have anxiety with just trying to figure out how to get inside a room to name a few of these causes.

And so, we as teachers and coaches, have to be aware and be updated on what best practices to do when offering classes online. Classes that you offer should give value not only monetary but also the time spent.

We studied and learned about how to coach and teach, but differentiating ourselves from the over saturated sea of yoga teachers and fitness coaches is something you might not have considered.

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Can you make an impact just as the fitness influencer flex his muscles on his YouTube channel?

Fitness influencers seen as more credible because of their physique and the number of brands associated to them is quite challenging especially if they are giving away free stuff and just posting their workouts freely on YouTube. So how do you, a small fish in a very vast ocean can make it?

Make Your Way Online

Here is my top 5 essentials in order for you to stand out.

1. Identify your niche

Know who your audience are, know their problems, their situation, their behavior. And then find a specific service that you may offer to solve their problems.

2. Make your passion profitable.

Know what you really love doing. Find what you enjoy talking about for hours and from there, create a habit and harness it. Know that your time and effort is valuable, so turn them into something fruitful.

3. Create an impact online.

And not just being viral. While you may hit the trends, optimize it and bank it that you are establishing and building your personal brand. Do not rest on your 15 minutes of fame (or even 30 seconds), but research and fine tune how you deliver your contents. Plan it ahead.

4. Grow your community.

Reach out to your audience. Engage and personalize their experience. If you have used your clout by showing your skills and talents, include your audience in your journey. Do not just flaunt yourself, but let them join and be part of your story.

5. Mark your brand.

It’s not just knowing your voice, the theme, the color, the feel. But also being consistent, being timely and being responsible. While there are tons of irresponsible clout because it maybe easiest. As a teacher and a coach, imagine how you will build trust and get new clients if you are all virality. Have fun but also be professional.

Start NOW

It’s hard really to differentiate yourself from others. But it’s harder not doing or not starting anything. Review your priorities again and reevaluate your brand. Have a growth mindset and adapt like what the big gyms and boutique studios are doing. Thrive and then focus on growing your customer.

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