Running Free Manila Back In The Habitat

Did 4 kilometers jumpstarting my run again!

4 years ago (2017) was my last official run. 2018 I also ran in Baguio when I used to work for an international gym. Since 2019, it was all about going back and forth Metro Manila to La Union or Baguio doing myofascial release to clients.

UP Diliman is where I started running. I started February 2010 and my peak was in 2014 when I ran my ultramarathon of 102 kilometers in Bataan for the Bataan Death March.

I got excited and at the same time, intrigued with the face mask staying put all throughout the run. I remembered how there were studies before of having those face masks with valve like Sub-Zero (enter Mortal Kombat) because they claim that it helps strengthen the lung endurance so let’s check that out.

Now, I wore my 2-ply cloth facemask and when I started running, it was not as hard as I imagined. I was huffing yes, but I am not really out of breath. So let’s go to more details,

At 14’22” per mi or 8’33” per km I am relatively slower than my regular pace of 7’30” per km but I am not complaining.

My pace is okay for me to still breathe easily. I could not imagine how people can keep the 7’30” pace or even faster! But again, I am not into the racing arena anyway and what I am more happy about is that I got my mileage for running (I haven’t posted my swimming yet).

My calves are tight but later this afternoon I will be practicing yoga and hopefully they relax. Let’s see if this weekend run will be a regular thing.

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