Back To Me For The Busy Bee

A 2-month Self-Care Course for the Busy Professional

Feeling Overwhelmed All The Time?

Are you working from home? Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you still have time for yourself, or do you just need some self-care and have that deserved break from your routine?

Too many tasks, too little time.

It’s Monday, 8am and you are pumped to finish as many tasks and deliverables as possible. You start with your morning coffee to pick you up.

It’s Wednesday, 7:30pm and what you are supposed to submit last Tuesday is still pending. And you have about 5 more emails that needed your reply.

Wake Up Early? Hit snooze.

Finally, it’s the weekend!!! You alarmed at 5:00am for a quick run. 5:00am came, you hit snooze. You said 5 minutes.

When you wake up, it’s 10:30am. Time to cook breakfast, where did the time go?!

Made time for a break, nope. Forget that.

You already set a time for a break. You even set an alarm 15 minutes before your break. Then you were notified for a meeting that you do not even know how many hours will take. Worse, that was your break for the week!

You have a pile of unread books.

You used to finish a book just after 2 days. Now, you have dust collecting over a pile of unread books.

You even have a planner that hasn’t been open and it’s already almost the last quarter of the year. Oh no, there’s a coupon that just expired last month!

Reclaim Your Self

Ground, Practice and Express Yourself

A 5-minute to a 30 minutes of practicing some mindfulness, movement and breathwork to refocus and express yourself.

Writing Your Dreams and Creating Plans For Them

A silent meditation and journaling experience to soothe and calm your nerves. Revisit your imagination and start dreaming again.

pause here for a bit and reflect

Are you living your life or are you living a life that is no longer living?

  • Imagine you could put down all your gadgets for about an hour. Then sitting completely still, humming a mantra for peace and abundance.
  • Imagine you could start writing your small and big wins daily. Or even just writing a self-affirmation and help you start your day right.
  • Imagine feeling good after an intense work-out. Imagine endorphins rushing as you feel stronger, more agile and lighter.

Self-Care Course

  • This is what you will do in the 2 months of self rediscovery. We will have a session for practice and a session for exploration, total of 2 sessions a week.

Weeks 1-2

Dig Deep. What do you think is missing? Let us start with where you are grounded. Practice with your lower limbs, your feet, your legs.

Mindfulness. Learn to acknowledge your feelings. Learn the Letting Go Meditation.

Grounding through Restorative Yoga
Journaling on Rediscovery and Letting Go

Weeks 3-4

Express Yourself. Say it with your hips. Let’s do some mobility and flexibility work.

Meditation. How do you regulate yourself? How do you strengthen your gut?

Self-Regulation through Mindfulness and Meditation
Feeling Oneself Through Vinyasa Yoga

Weeks 5-6

Say it Then Act It. What has been holding you? Can you express yourself through movements and flows?

Journaling. Write down your thoughts. Allow yourself to wander and wonder. Come back to your inner child.

Journal on Action and Reaction
Loving Kindness Meditation
Movement with Hatha Yoga

Weeks 7-8

Practice. Practice. Practice. Let us sweat it out. Keep the fire going. Let your physical self do the inner work to express it outwards.

Putting All Together. Let us look back and celebrate what you have accomplished and what you have rediscovered.

Journal on the Present
Discipline and Gratitude in Ashtanga Yoga

Plus you will enjoy…

  • A 10-day FREE online class pass that will help you continue what you started.
  • Being a part of group where you can share all your wins, big or small!
  • One on one catch up with me every week for things you may want to consult or share.

“I feel that awesome release. I needed that because I had troubles breathing before. Grateful to this experience!”

Daisy from benguet, philippines

“I was looking for something simple and not intimidating. I learned to journal my thoughts and even got vivid dreams.”

emily from rizal, philippines

“There is a big load that was lifted from my shoulders. And I even learned to forgive myself in the process.”

jen from quezon city, philippines
meet your teacher

Hi! I am Allan, your guide in this 8-week journey. I have been conducting mindfulness and meditation classes online and in-person since 2020.

I hope to touch more lives and transform them to a better and brighter individuals through what I learned from my yoga learnings and wellness experiences.

Allan Ray Enriquez


Yoga Teacher, RYT®200 Yoga Alliance (Vinyasa, Hatha and Ashtanga) and Certified Fitness Coach

How long will this course be?

This will run for eight (8) weeks or two (2) months.

How long is a session?

Every week, we will have two (2) sessions. A session will last about 45 to 90 minutes (1 or 1 1/2 hours).

What does a session include?

A session will include mindfulness practices, breathwork techniques, a yoga practice (asanas) and maybe a homework and checking in.

What if I am not available during the session?

This course will have recordings. However, it is advisable to set aside or make time for this course to make your self-care practice form part of your routine.

Will there be another run this year?

Do not worry if you miss this year’s course, we will have another run perhaps second half of the year or next year.

move you better COURSE

Back To Me For The Busy Bee

Reclaim yourself. Rediscover your dreams. Reimagine your life–better, brighter, more YOU.

Back To Me For The Busy Bee

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