Starting Again

Back in February 2010, I wrote on a blog that about my new mission: running a marathon. I started with aiming to run a road race with training around UP Academic Oval (read my blog here). From achieving running that marathon to peaking and running the ultramarathon.

It was a great memory to recall: being part of a group, be acknowledged by running celebrities and soon, endorsing and representing brands. The blog lasted until 2017 (you can still check see it here) when I did not renew my web hosting. It was a fun ride and that journey actually brought me to yoga when Urban Ashram Manila invited me to cover their Project Y: Endless Summer in July 2014.

I remembered enjoying the practice that I also enrolled in their workshops. Fast forward, I have tried other yoga studios and even the yoga classes of fitness gyms but I concentrated on running and CrossFit. It was when I moved to Baguio when I practiced deeper and last January 2020, the road to India rerouted me to take the 200-Hr Vinyasa Teacher Training with Pranalaya Yoga.

Since then, I dedicated most of my time practicing and studying yoga. I will share again soon about the current pandemic and how our practices changed.

Photo courtesy of Gelie dela Pena, Head Teacher of Pranalaya Yoga.

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