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Area63.Fitness came into fruition amidst the COVID-19 lockdown. Move You Better was fortunate to collaborate with the online platform to reach a wider audience, not just within the corners of a fitness studio.

revolved side angle pose variation
Check out Move You Better in Area 63 Fitness!

The concept of Move You Better (MYB) aligns to the aims of Area63.Fitness and so partnership was renewed for another year to cater to multinational companies and not just individuals.

For 2021, MYB classes in Area63.Fitness are every Tuesdays and Saturdays at 6:00am. This is convenient for those who are doing work from home working format. Every Tuesday at 6:00 AM (Philippine Time, GMT+8) is TotalFit, a complete workout that is similar to HIIT, tabata or circuit training; then every Saturday at 6:00 AM (Philippine Time, GMT+8) is Myofascial Release, a recovery class with the use of a tennis ball, golf ball, foam roller or any rolling material that your body weight may be supported with to release the soft tissue connections.

Area63.Fitness offers different fitness and wellness services online from different providers whether fitness coaches or personalities. Check them out in

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