Welcome back to the playground…not quite

After a year of lockdown, I went back to UP Diliman–where I started to find my passion in running.

UP Academic Oval is closed to the public until further notice (Dated November 6, 2021)

My friend Glo saw my post on Instagram that I started running again but in our neighborhood here in Diliman, Quezon City. She asked where she can park and told her she could just park it here in our street. But she suggested, why not try UP Diliman? And we did.

When we enter the University Avenue from CP Garcia, a full side parking along the street and a group of bikers would converge at the check point. The guards would ask where they will go as the Academic Oval is closed to the public.

When you are an alumni, you know where to park. And so we went to my college (the new School of Statistics building) and parked there. From there, we were heading to the Science Complex Park and thought that it would be a good time trial as it is just about a kilometer or 800 meters. A guard riding on his scooter told us to go back and so we did.

We went back to the streets outside the Academic Oval, the Magsaysay Avenue and Quirino Avenue. Let me tell you now, the Roxas Avenue and the Osmena Avenue aka UP Academic Oval is off limits.

Now, do not worry. There is the Commonwealth Avenue where you can go and reach the La Mesa Watershed for bikers. But for runners who would want the UP feels, from checkpoint you may turn left to Emilio Jacinto Street going to Magsaysay Avenue, then turn left to Balagtas Street. There is the 7-Eleven store where you may take some refreshments.

After that, go ahead until Juan Luna Street where the Heartbreak Hill is. Why heartbreak? Ask your running friends. Then turn right to Gomburza Street headed out to Ilang Ilang Residence Hall where it will take you back to the UP Academic Oval or back to Magsaysay.

So why is the UP Academic Oval closed to the public? Their last official statement is to protect the UP Diliman community from the COVID variants and since outsiders tend to roam around freely and would stay along the Acad Oval, it may become a major risk to health and it may harm the UP Diliman community and students.

So how do you play your part in ensuring UP Diliman a safe place to go? Do not go in groups. If you wanted to come with your kids (since it is Alert Level 2 already as of today, November 7, 2021 in Metro Manila), maybe come in maximum of five (5). If you cannot then try to go in small groups rather than in big groups.

Keep wearing your face masks AT ALL TIMES. It does not mean that cases are going down, that COVID-19 is no longer there. Keep observing safety precautions and always keep yourself safe. Ask your friend or companion if he/she has fever or even if they are fully vaccinated, how are they feeling before going out for a run. It is not being paranoid, but being responsible of your health and theirs.

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