Grab this Year End Sale Deals!

I know it’s hard to socialize lately

So here’s something for you.

You want to workout, stay healthy and be fit.

BUT you are not comfortable with a lot of people with you. You just wanted to train alone with your teacher/coach.

Here it is: a year-end thanks to you for your continued support. Scroll down and choose your personal package.

Year End Sale for Online Private Classes

1 session


1-class valid up to 5 days on day of purchase

Original Price: ₱400.00

via Zoom and for one (1) student only

60 minute class

30 Class Pack


30 classes valid for 90 days on the date of purchase

Original price: ₱7,500.00

via Zoom, max of 3 people (small group)

Private Class



10 classes valid for 21 days on day of purchase

Original Price: ₱3,000

via Zoom, max of 3 people (small group)

Private Class

Don’t go just yet!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting my passion!

Okay, now we already scheduled your online private classes via Instagram, I need you to do last two (2) things for me:

Join the Facebook Group

Exclusively for students who availed of my class packs, subscriptions and private classes (meaning you!).

Get useful information to support your fitness and wellness journey as I give nutrition talks, meditation and catch ups to keep the circle tight.

Also, you get to ask support from other members, and yes, cheer you in your journey!

Let’s Get Personal

Yup, there is more to coaching and teaching. I need to know how your insides wirings work.

No pressure, but you can send me a message directly on Instagram or Facebook for a quick call what are the things you want to happen or you expect.

Just in case, you feel seen or you are not so sure what to say, I am just an e-mail away.